27 Nov 2018


by Ueli Gerber, Gerber & Partner



1. Define company values 

Ensure a good agile corporate culture and take care of the needs of your employees. You need to know how your leadership and corporate culture needs to change in order to keep pace with new developments in the years to come and what culture the most innovative companies like Google exemplify.



2. Create modern, reliable management methods and structures 

The primary objective is to create processes and structures that enable the company to react more quickly to market changes. The needs of the customer should come first in the company. The customer is then no longer the company's environment, but the other way around: the company is the customer's environment. Change requests also come from the customer, not from the hierarchy. The prevailing management theory is based on the principle of instruction and control. Current management trend is to reduce hierarchies and promote personal responsibility and freedom.



3. Only motivated and committed employees hold the key 

to more productivity.The working environment has become one of the most important factors in retaining the best talents and top performers in a company. Development and  framework conditions must be created. Responsibility and competencies, regarding both decision-making and financial have to be generously delegated.



4. Rely on the human being as a designer

Digitisation promotes what industrial technology has suppressed; the human being as a designer, not just as a performer. 

Don't try to win a race you can't win. The machine is always faster. Concentrate only on what people can do. Use your judgement, it will always be superior to machine intelligence.



5. Empower employees to organize themselves 

If employees are dismissed into self-organization without being empowered to do so, it ends in chaos. Self-organization only works with fixed rules. Employees must be able, allowed and willing to work together in a self-organized way. Employees thus become co-entrepreneurs. 


6. Attitude / mindset is more important than abilities

Only hire the right people! Those who fit into your corporate culture and values. Only hire employees whose passion matches their job. Make sure that you hire these employees continuously to develop the organozation. 

The best companies in the world today have a distribution of 80% A employees, 20% B employees and 0% C employees.



7. Building a team culture

The well-being of the team and the employees is to be recognized as more important than one's own ego. Emotional leaders who inspire their employees and raise them up, who are equally appreciative of the personal wishes and needs of employees, are desirable. The long history of wildlife and humanity teaches us that those who learned to work together and improvise are the most effective winners.










Ueli Gerber helps companies develop agile organizations, build leadership and sales skills, and implement effective talent management practices.

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